houston, we've had a problem...

it seems that ohkamikaze.net has expired, and i can't for the life of me renew it! so.... we're back here for the interim. i have decided that i will buy the domain jennzah.net and move my blog there!! in the meantime, i'll be posting reviews here and general stuffiness. :)

what have i been doing?? well! my husband and i are figuring out where we're going to be moving next (February we'll be moving somewhere else here in the UK, just not sure where....), and fixing up our flat. i've also been reading galleys and preparing to review them..., so watch this space or the up coming jennzah.net! :)

thanks for all your support kids, and keep it coming!


after months of being down, THE OFFICIAL FICTION has gone back home to it's rightful place at http://ohkamikaze.net :) go there for exclusive contests and content! :)

thanks followers! :)

Goodreads Post - HUSH,HUSH by Becca Fitzpatrick

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

hush, hush was alright. from the beginning i found it a bit predictable and fairly drawn out, with almost all the good stuff at the end. i did like the mystery surrounding Patch, but mostly it was an okay read that i'd recommend to people but i didn't think it deserved four or five stars. interested in the sequel however. :)


Here's the cover art for Bree Despain's THE LOST SAINT, which is out in December. i have to say she's got lovely cover art for this one, along with THE DARK DIVINE. im a bit partial to the blue, though! Excellent cover art, Bree! :)


First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress World, #1)First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

fantastic, Jeaniene's writing never, ever goes stale and i think i love Spade more than Bones now! :)

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In My Mailbox - 21/7/10

more books in my mailbox from when i was on holiday in the US:


the MAGIC series by Devon Monk. absolutely FANTASTIC, this series, and though my copy of MAGIC TO THE BONE is stuck at my aunts house in Kent, i can't wait to read my way through this awesomeness. :)

CLAIRE DE LUNE by Christine Johnson. yay!

WHITE CAT by Holly Black

In My Mailbox - 19/7/10

here is a list of all the books that have come in the mail since i've been back in the UK :)

- LINGER by Maggie Stiefvater. i got an early look at SHIVER last year, and i cannot wait to get started in this next book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series. Maggie is a lyrical storyteller, and i can't wait to meet her when she comes to the UK in October!

SISTERS RED by Jackson Pearce -- I won this at the Book Vixen's blog, and it was on my wishlist anyway! :)

INTERTWINED by Gena Showalter - this was the book i was after THE MOST in the US while i was there, so it's pretty high up on my TBR pile! :)

13 TO LIFE by Shannon Delany - Shannon is a friend and i've been anxious to get my hands on this book since i heard it was going to be published. Congrats, Shannon! :)


When I first heard in April that I was going to be one of the lucky few to get an early look at the newest in Jeri Smith Ready's awesome WVMP's series, I literally jumped up and down screaming with joy. This series, by and large, has been my favourite read(s) of the last two years, so when I got this book into my hands, I devoured it straight away.

Ciara Griffin is back, and she's now almost finished with her Marketing degree! This means that the deal that she made with the Control, a government agency that deals with the paranormal, has come due. Along with living with her vampire boyfriend, Shane, and her job at WVMP, Ciara's got a pretty full plate.

Then some weird kind of virus starts taking lives in Sherwood... and nobody seems to be safe. Nobody human, that is. And vampires aren't all that's lurking in the depths of the night.

From the moment I picked up this book, til the very last page, I was hooked. Jeri's writing is majestic, spellbinding storytelling that keeps you on the edge of your seat. What will Ciara and the WVMP camp do amidst the terror that's spreading through Sherwood? You stay moulded to the seat of your chair in anticipation of the next chapter in this book.

BRING ON THE NIGHT is a roller-coaster ride of sex, blood, and lets not forget Rock and Roll. oh yeah, ZOMBIES. did I mention Zombies?? Along with a spine tingling twist in the WVMP world that will have readers feeling as though they've just come off the Tilt-A-Whirl, this book is an engaging, fast paced read that you wont want to put down.

Now, how long til the next installment???

FIVE STARS OUT OF A POSSIBLE FIVE (if i could go any higher, i would).

baby, i'm goin home!

my visa was approved today! this means that a week from tomorrow, i will be heading back to London and the United Kingdom!!! so excited i may cry, but this also means that stuff will be halted untill i reach my home in Devon.

thanks, USA, you may be where i was born, but you are not my home. home is where my heart is, and it lies within the United Kingdom, where love and life and happiness dwell! yay :)

If You Want Blood, You've Got It!

as you know, my favourite author is Jeri Smith-Ready. now, i'd be happy to celebrate her works 24/7, but seeing as how she's got a new book in her awesome WVMP series, "BRING ON THE NIGHT" coming out July 27th, i have deemed that July is to be WVMP MONTH on my blog.

how will be we be celebrating WVMP month on my blog?? well, we'll be doing it week by week. there will be a contest somewhere around here, but this week, since i'm between countries and homes at the moment, we'll just have this : a playlist i made in tribute to the WVMP series.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

more coming within the next two weeks, watch this space for interviews with all the WVMP DJ's and Ciara Griffin herself, contest giveaways, and a review of the awesome new book in her series, "BRING ON THE NIGHT"! :)

happy one year to me :)

i'm coming up on one of the most important weeks in my life right now. no, im not getting married, that's September 17th, but this week is my husband to be, Anthony's birthday on Tuesday, the 22nd, our one year anniversary on the 24th, and my birthday is on the 26th, Saturday.

i dont care too much about my birthday, because i'll be with my dad up north where i cant recieve emails or facebook messages, but you can still leave them as i'll get them when i get back. again, people have asked what i want, and i'd really just like books, which you can find here. the mailing addy is my mums so it will get to me before i go back to England.

what i do want to write about is my amazing one year with my even more amazing husband. we met on Facebook on 21st May, 2009, because he added me after finding me on some application that we both refused to pay for. i added him back wondering who he was and then found out he was ginger, left him a silly message on his wall that said "omg, you're ginger?? i love gingers!", and it kinda just went from there. when i got to England we were texting over 300+ texts a day. we were officially boyfriend/girlfriend on June 24th, 2009 via text in a silly sort of way, i'll never forget because i was in Westminster Abbey's shop when i got that text. :) we fell in love over a few weekends together last June/July and it's been amazing ever since. in August of last year, when we were both miserable that we had to leave eachother (he'd come over to visit me for two weeks because we couldn't stand being away from eachother), we made a pact not to ever hurt eachother and to love eachother the same way we did now, and became unofficially engaged. on December 24th, 2009, we became officially engaged and I moved to England to be with him. that brings us to now, one year later, i'm still wildly in love with this amazing man who makes me a better person just by being near him. and the best thing? he's just as in love with me. :)

our relationship is fun, and silly. we compliment eachother very well and we haven't ever fought. we see eye to eye on almost everything and we have two beautiful cats, Riley and Jasper.

i never, ever thought that anyone would be able to love me, as i'm a very difficult person to live with, but Anthony accepts me, with all my faults and downfalls, and makes them into positive things. the most important thing ever : he loves me for WHO I AM, not because of what i have, or what i do, he loves me for me, and i love him for him.

i never, ever thought i would be this happy in my entire life. i've had to close some doors, some huge doors in my life (especially recently) but had i known a window this huge would be on the horizon for me when i was going through those doors closing, i would have welcomed them. I have come from such a long history of misery and pain and when i look into Anthony's eyes and am home with him, all of that seems like it never ever happened. he has made me into a whole person.

so for my Anthony, who i just wrote this about, happy one year sweetie. and hopefully many, many more <3 thank you for everything you do for me and for how much you love me <3 i love you with all my heart.

now, i dont particularly care for Miley Cyrus, but the lyrics to this song, they say it all :

when i look at you, i see forgiveness, i see the truth

you love me for who i am

like the stars hold the moon

right there where they belong

and i know im not alone <3

Waiting on Wedensday

yes, i know it's Thursday, but i've been a bit slack with my posts recently because of personal issues which include but are not limited to : applying for my visa so i can stay here in England with my fiance and marry him, and planning a very, very small wedding here in September. along with that is a trip to the United States to get the actual visa with my good friend Lynsey from Narratively Speaking. my fiance has also been trying to get my permanent blog back up, so i apologise for the hiatus. my reviews and everything will be back to normal after the 11th of June.anyway, here's what i've been waiting on this week (or month)

1. BRING ON THE NIGHT by Jeri Smith-Ready

i am DYING for the next book in the WVMP radio series. as you already know, i'm a huge fan of this series and Jeri is my favourite author in the world. her books are the stuff of legend, i pick them up and i can't put them down. i can't wait to see whats in store for Ciara and company in this new installment, i dont know how i'm going to wait untill July to read it!

2. NEVERMORE by Kelly Creagh

it looks like such an interesting story and anything that quotes Poe's "THE RAVEN" sounds fantastic to me.

thats it for now, dont want to be too greedy! :)

In My Mailbox

so it seems like every other blog that i've been reading lately has this "In My Mailbox" post going on. since i recently got books in the post, i thought I'd do one. So, let's begin!

"SING ME TO SLEEP" by Angela Morrison. just the blurb on Amazon made me want to go after this book, and I'm halfway through it now. very good read, very intense. i recommend it to everyone!

"HOURGLASS" by Claudia Gray. one of my favourite YA series, of course i had to have this when it was released. im really looking forward to diving in.

"SHADOWED SUMMER" by Saundra Mitchell - this has been on my Wishlist for ages, now finally I have it in my possession! can't wait.

and, finally :

"SHADE" by Jeri Smith-Ready. already devoured it in less than a 10 hour sitting, fantastic, fantastic book. everyone should put this on their Wishlists and To Be Read piles..... Jeri is a knockout in the paranormal fiction world and just keeps getting better with every book she puts out. (and, she's my favourite author, see her links on the left sidebar!).

A Song for A Day : "THE PERFECT DRUG" by Nine Inch Nails

getting back with our theme of this blog, today's song for the day is "The Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails. why? because it's spooky and glorious, the video is rich and wierd, fantastical.

what song makes you think really visually? let me know, post below. and also, dont forget to click on the followers link below. Google apps atleast has SOME benefits! :)

Slate = Wiped.

so, my other blog has been put down like a rabid dog by it's shitty ex-host, AxisHost (I don't recommend using them AT ALL, EVER! they are thieving bastards). So i've temporarily moved my ramblings and reviews and stuff here. more to come, when i dont have a lasagne coming out of the oven and a frustrated brain ready to blow!