Waiting on Wedensday

yes, i know it's Thursday, but i've been a bit slack with my posts recently because of personal issues which include but are not limited to : applying for my visa so i can stay here in England with my fiance and marry him, and planning a very, very small wedding here in September. along with that is a trip to the United States to get the actual visa with my good friend Lynsey from Narratively Speaking. my fiance has also been trying to get my permanent blog back up, so i apologise for the hiatus. my reviews and everything will be back to normal after the 11th of June.anyway, here's what i've been waiting on this week (or month)

1. BRING ON THE NIGHT by Jeri Smith-Ready

i am DYING for the next book in the WVMP radio series. as you already know, i'm a huge fan of this series and Jeri is my favourite author in the world. her books are the stuff of legend, i pick them up and i can't put them down. i can't wait to see whats in store for Ciara and company in this new installment, i dont know how i'm going to wait untill July to read it!

2. NEVERMORE by Kelly Creagh

it looks like such an interesting story and anything that quotes Poe's "THE RAVEN" sounds fantastic to me.

thats it for now, dont want to be too greedy! :)