In My Mailbox

so it seems like every other blog that i've been reading lately has this "In My Mailbox" post going on. since i recently got books in the post, i thought I'd do one. So, let's begin!

"SING ME TO SLEEP" by Angela Morrison. just the blurb on Amazon made me want to go after this book, and I'm halfway through it now. very good read, very intense. i recommend it to everyone!

"HOURGLASS" by Claudia Gray. one of my favourite YA series, of course i had to have this when it was released. im really looking forward to diving in.

"SHADOWED SUMMER" by Saundra Mitchell - this has been on my Wishlist for ages, now finally I have it in my possession! can't wait.

and, finally :

"SHADE" by Jeri Smith-Ready. already devoured it in less than a 10 hour sitting, fantastic, fantastic book. everyone should put this on their Wishlists and To Be Read piles..... Jeri is a knockout in the paranormal fiction world and just keeps getting better with every book she puts out. (and, she's my favourite author, see her links on the left sidebar!).

A Song for A Day : "THE PERFECT DRUG" by Nine Inch Nails

getting back with our theme of this blog, today's song for the day is "The Perfect Drug" by Nine Inch Nails. why? because it's spooky and glorious, the video is rich and wierd, fantastical.

what song makes you think really visually? let me know, post below. and also, dont forget to click on the followers link below. Google apps atleast has SOME benefits! :)

Slate = Wiped.

so, my other blog has been put down like a rabid dog by it's shitty ex-host, AxisHost (I don't recommend using them AT ALL, EVER! they are thieving bastards). So i've temporarily moved my ramblings and reviews and stuff here. more to come, when i dont have a lasagne coming out of the oven and a frustrated brain ready to blow!