When I first heard in April that I was going to be one of the lucky few to get an early look at the newest in Jeri Smith Ready's awesome WVMP's series, I literally jumped up and down screaming with joy. This series, by and large, has been my favourite read(s) of the last two years, so when I got this book into my hands, I devoured it straight away.

Ciara Griffin is back, and she's now almost finished with her Marketing degree! This means that the deal that she made with the Control, a government agency that deals with the paranormal, has come due. Along with living with her vampire boyfriend, Shane, and her job at WVMP, Ciara's got a pretty full plate.

Then some weird kind of virus starts taking lives in Sherwood... and nobody seems to be safe. Nobody human, that is. And vampires aren't all that's lurking in the depths of the night.

From the moment I picked up this book, til the very last page, I was hooked. Jeri's writing is majestic, spellbinding storytelling that keeps you on the edge of your seat. What will Ciara and the WVMP camp do amidst the terror that's spreading through Sherwood? You stay moulded to the seat of your chair in anticipation of the next chapter in this book.

BRING ON THE NIGHT is a roller-coaster ride of sex, blood, and lets not forget Rock and Roll. oh yeah, ZOMBIES. did I mention Zombies?? Along with a spine tingling twist in the WVMP world that will have readers feeling as though they've just come off the Tilt-A-Whirl, this book is an engaging, fast paced read that you wont want to put down.

Now, how long til the next installment???

FIVE STARS OUT OF A POSSIBLE FIVE (if i could go any higher, i would).


A Life Bound By Books said...

I REALLY need to start reading this series!! Thankfully I have the first 2 on my kindle, now just to start reading them! Oh, I can't wait!!

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