If You Want Blood, You've Got It!

as you know, my favourite author is Jeri Smith-Ready. now, i'd be happy to celebrate her works 24/7, but seeing as how she's got a new book in her awesome WVMP series, "BRING ON THE NIGHT" coming out July 27th, i have deemed that July is to be WVMP MONTH on my blog.

how will be we be celebrating WVMP month on my blog?? well, we'll be doing it week by week. there will be a contest somewhere around here, but this week, since i'm between countries and homes at the moment, we'll just have this : a playlist i made in tribute to the WVMP series.

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more coming within the next two weeks, watch this space for interviews with all the WVMP DJ's and Ciara Griffin herself, contest giveaways, and a review of the awesome new book in her series, "BRING ON THE NIGHT"! :)


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